II. Releases

You can buy all our elaborate releases with extensive booklets including english exlanations of the lyrics, lots of pictures of more or less well known swiss painters, historic photographs (some of the band) and layouted by the one and only Costin Chioreanu right here at Prophecy Productions!

Landlieder & Frömdländler (album)

September 26th 2014 Auerbach/Prophecy


“While “Landlieder & Frömdländler” is Fräkmündt’s most diverse and refined album so far, it perfectly exemplifies the ensemble’s odd, rustic style. The musical spectrum ranges from thoughtful reflections on nature across wistful renditions of folk tales to drinking songs performed with Helvetian zest for life.” (prophecy)

more info watch the studio report

Special Editions:                                                                                                                      Gatefold LP incl. poster! (lim. 500)                                                                                                   60 pages book edition with a 5 track bonus CD (lim. 500)




Heiwehland (album)

2012 Steinklang /September 26th 2014 re-release on Auerbach/Prophecy

fraekmuendt_heiwehland_cover_rgb    Heiwehland

AB062-1   AB062-2 

Second full lenght consisting of sixteen songs describing sagas, historical events and the sentiment of homesickness. Merlin (who played the drums for the entire album) and Chrigel of Eluveitie as well as opera singer Christiane Boesiger appear as guests.

Get more info or listen full songs at our bandcamp page.

Special Edition (sold out):



Uufwärts e d’Föuse (mini-concept-album)

2011 Steinklang / September 26th 2014 re-release on Auerbach/Prophecy

uufwärts    uufwärts AB061-1                         AB061-2

A mini-concept album consisting of seven songs describing a mountainhike in the central-swiss alps.

Get more info or  listen full songs at our bandcamp page.



Urbärglieder (album)

2010 Steinklang / September 26th 2014 re-release on Auerbach/Prophecy

Urbärglieder    Urbärglieder

  AB060-1     AB060-2

First full lenght album. Fifteen songs varying from swinging folk tunes over soulful ballads to haunting ambient sagas.

 Get more info or listen full songs at our bandcamp page.

Special Edition (sold out):



Losid vo Bärge ond Tal (demo)

2010 self released (sold out)


The first demo, released as a pro-tape limited to 77 pieces more info on discogs



Oak Folk (compilation) 2010


Fräkmündt contributed the song Eiche, Tüüfu, Geissebueb more info on discogs

Mit fester Hand – Allerseelenlieder (compilation) 2011

mit fester hand

Fräkmündt contributed the song Firnföuskamerad more info on dsicogs