III. Videos


Zoge am Boge

a glimpse into the world of the Fräkstreet Boys and Mündtdonnas to this song from the 2014 album “Landlieder & Frömdländler”



video clip for the song Pfaffechälleri from the 2014 album “Landlieder & Frömdländler”

Wenn chani es Näscht?

advanced promo clip for the cover of This Is the Life by Amy MacDonald 2013


The world of Fräkmündt!

a live performance, behaviour derailment and dementedly sexy moments!


Advanced preview-medley for the upcoming album done in 2013


Video for “senged, suufed, tanzed wöud” from the Heiwehland album 2011


Video for “D’Draachejongfer” from the Heiwehland Album 2011

created for our contribution to the selection of the Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks to Mischu and Maybaum Film!